Sale! Wink Relay Wall-Mounted Smart Home Controller, 4.3″ Touchscreen White PRLAY-WH01

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  • Features - 1: For Controlling Devices without Wink App
  • Type: Wall-Mounted Smart Home Controller
  • Features - 2: 4.3" Multi-Touch Screen
  • Smart Home Protocol: Wi-Fi
  • Features - 3: Manage Connected Devices and Settings
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Amazon Alexa
  • Features - 4: Two Customizable Smart Buttons
  • UPC: 840410104208

User reviews

My only issue with wink is why the heck doesn't it have toggle states for lights? You can create on-screen shortcuts but you must create a separate one for on and off. On to the good parts: This is a wall-mountable smart-hub. I have linked a bunch of lights to it directly and have true instant local control of those lights. If you have two or more, they become broadcast intercoms. When mounting, the device can be mounted in a single, double, or triple gang box, and has built-in relays to control two different loads such as ceiling lights. Additionally you can control all of this from Alexa (and i do) as well as assign the loads to the two buttons on the device. My top button triggers the relay that turns on my dining room chandelier AND the lamp in the room as well, which is a ge link bulb. The other button turns on the bar lights in my kitchen. Every other light is voice controlled. Plus if you have a wink hub as well (i have the 1.0) you can place shortcuts to anything it is controlling on the screen as well. Finally the device contains a humidity and temp sensor which can be used with wink robots. All in all, $70 is pretty reasonable for two sensors, two smart relays, a zigbee and bluetooth hub, and a touch screen to control it all. Finally this device was originally something like $240 so it contains "premium" packaging including all the tools needed to install it. The only reason i rated it 4 instead of 5 stars is that if you install the update and then factory restore, there is a chance of bricking it. If you buy this, don't do anything with it it wasn't designed for. It is hackable and some people are running non-stock software on it such as hue lighting control, but setting all that up is risky because the update can bork the restore partition.
I renovated my kitchen and installed the relay. 99% of what I use it for is the large soft buttons. One is attached to a "home" activtiy and the other to "sleep". These buttons control quite a few devices from z-wave to Lutron. The entire kitchen dims, but doesn't shut off, living room goes into sleep mode and the stairway is lit. It's pretty fun. I've called Uber from it once. I have the thermostat linked to it, but another 99% .. I rarely touch light switches as everything is scheduled. I like the relay and would buy it again. Installation is a bit sketchy. I went with rough sawn pine shiplap walls and the relay is VERY touchy with regards to connectivity into the base. I've spent time on multiple occasions tweaking the installation and shimming things trying to resolve loose connections causing the relay to lose power. That's my only complaint about the unit.
The units work well in their basic mode. lighting control and intercom. I wanted it integrated wiht the rest of the samsung smart things system and with some manipulations that can be found on the internet you can get an alternate web browser and other needed SW installed to make them much more functinoal. Note that this process takes multiple hours per switch so is not for the casual user. The light switches are on/off only but than is fine for alot of uses. You just need to know that there is no dimming on either of the controled outputs. But they do work fine for many things. You can actually set them so that they are on all the time without programming your smart hub if you have a motion sensor light for example installed which is a bit uncommon for smart switches. The screen is decent enough. Just will be a question of how long they work for.

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