Sale! WB24T10027 for GE Electric Range Burner Unit Infinite Switch AP2024074 PS236752

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  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Model: WB24T10027
  • MPN: 66004AF65
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Color: Silver
  • UPC: 662013220334
  • Compatible Brand: For Hotpoint, For RCA, For GE
  • Model Number: WB24T10027
  • Type: Infinite Switch
  • Manufacturer: Robertshaw
  • Manufacturer Color: Silver
  • Product Type: Infinite Switch

User reviews

The switch arrived on time, it was a 95% match to the original. The only exception it that it had to be installed at a 90 degree rotation (horizontally rather than vertically) so that the original knob was positioned with the "off" designation in the correct location. That was an easy fix because the switch is designed to be installed in either position and my range has enough room between the switches to allow for horizontal installation. The switch took less than 5 minutes to install and it looks to be of good quality, only time and use will tell.
I went to GE online and entered my model number of my electric stove. The price from GE was a little over $40 each for new controls. I bought these for a lot less, and replaced my old ones. My elements work like new now. These are the exact same as what GE would sell you. If you are replacing your controls. Make sure to buy the right one. The large element needs a 2600 watt control and the smaller elements needs the 1500 watt elements. I at first thought they were all the same but they are not. Unplug your stove and take the control knobs off and then remove the two retaining screws. I recommend replacing the wires, one at a time. So you can be sure to replace each wire exactly as it came off of the old control. It is a relatively easy repair. I hope this helps someone.
Pros: o Affordable o Fits and functions exactly like the original (when the original worked properly) Cons: o it didn't install itself Suddenly, the right front burner on our older Hotpoint stove decided that there were only two settings, "off" and "weld". Did some research on line and figured out that this is a common failure mode for these "infinite switches". Ordered this one, as it seemed to be the closest match to the OEM switch. Took 15 minutes to install and the burner is working good as new. Just swap wires one at a time and you won't make any mistakes. AND UNPLUG THE STOVE FIRST!!! Cool that I could keep our stove functional and not have to buy a new stove. I always worry about buying new appliances as they are all made in China and from my experience, are NOT made with any concern for longevity.

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