Sale! Vitamin C 1000 mg | 100 Count Tablets | Gluten Free | Dietary Supplement

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  • Formulation: Tablet
  • Expiration Date: 10/2021
  • Main Purpose: Immune Support
  • Product: Vitamin C
  • Ingredients: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
  • UPC: 043292223276
  • Manufacturer: Magno-Humphries
  • Type: Vitamin C
  • Product Type: Vitamin C

User reviews

This is the first Vitamin C product that I could actually taste the citrus in it, so I know I it is not filled with fillers. Will continue ordering again in the future. Thanks again.
Pills are very large, well 1000 mg is a lot. Next time I think I will look for a smaller pill.
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