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I really love this little thing. It is even smaller than I expected! It literally fits in your pocket! I mainly use this thing in Client mode (where it acts as a WiFi adapter) and I have to say that this product is great. I just turn on my computer and forget that it is there. Pros: what I mentioned above. Additionally, your computer should be able to supply enough power to the thing so don't worry about having to find another socket to plug in the adapter! Cons: The included Ethernet cable is a bit hard to pull out of the RJ-45 port on the device from time to time so be careful. The same can be said about the included Micro-USB cable. Be very careful when you plug in or unplug cables from this device as you may accidentally damage it! Also, a bit nit-picky, I know. But the router's web-based UI has a bit of broken English in it. I mean, what do you expect from a product made in China?
Unable to connect due to the manufactor TP-LINK does NOT want people like me to figure how doing the connection to internet router. They are trying to charge you someway they can. And that's NO GOOD ! I am going to tell everybody I know to void my bad experi. with TP-LINK .
Small size and runs off regular USB. When I am traveling, I use this device to bridge the hotel wifi or wired network and create a hotspot for all my devices. This allows me to connect devices like my chromecast which can't log in to hotel wifi portals. Doing this also lets me just do the portal login once for all my devices. The only downsides are that the hotspot feature appears to work only on 2.4 ghz wifi and it runs on WDS mode which uses the same WiFi channel as the hotel access point which limits the speed. Its small size probably limits the range but the range seems adequate for pretty large open space.

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