Sale! Tile Mate & Slim Combo 2018 (4-Pack)

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  • Model: RT16004
  • UPC: 0819039020664

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Got those pesky batteries lying around the house? Wondering which ones have enough power to work? This affordable, well made tester will do the job, jazzed I bought it, easy to use and suddenly I have a batch of 'new' batteries! Thx.
An absolute nightmare to set up. Link doesn't end your directly to the Tile app to download so you waste time and money on cell service charges trying to find where to download app. I still haven't found app and Tile support is useless. They just keep sending you to the same old link that doesn't work. Not recommended.
I didn't give this 5 stars because the volume of the alert is not loud enough. I had one stuck in my wallet and I did the find as I went around various places and opened my Truck door and did find and I couldn't hear the alert until I had my ear practically on it. I found the billfold on my own then did the find again with my ear down close and I could just barely find it. If the volume was louder this would be perfect. The ones on my keys work better because they are not covered up by being in a wallet. I am glad I got them I just know that I have to listen very carefully.

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