Sale! Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox One & PC w/Paddle Shifters

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  • Platform: Microsoft Xbox One
  • Type: Racing Wheel
  • MPN: 4469022
  • UPC: 663296420497

User reviews

Best thing about this wheel is the price. It is pretty much the bottom end of Force Feedback wheels. You can find cheaper bungie resistance wheels but they are useless IMHO. Being the bottom end of FFB wheels does not equate to bad in this case. This wheel actually does a good job. You can race with the best of them with this wheel without spending thousands of dollars. When I first got the wheel the gearing was a little chunky and vibration was too intense. The gearing smoothed out some with use and you can set the vibration levels in most games. This has a very good clamping system for desks or tables but no bolt mounts for a rig unfortunately. If you want that option spend a little more for Logitec g29/920. Be aware that Logitec uses Helix gears which are said to be even more chunky. The Logitec wheels get good reviews as well.
Much better than the Spider and not as good as the TX. Having said that for the money there is nothing on the market better, the force feedback is present but sloppy, the feel of the wheel is like gripping rubber oh yea that's what the wheel is made of, The pedals are weak and overall the TMX is not highly in tune with Forza 6 what I mean is the steering is not really sinked with the game at times in some of the games races the wheel is all over the place. Maybe TMX will be better for upcoming racing games like Forza Horizon 3 or there will be an update for this version down the road. Thanks
Bought this for my Xbox due to me playing racing games a lot currently and more of them to come later on, after years of using a controller it was time to get one. I did my research and watched videos and for the price point and entry level wheel, i am very happy i chose this. Easy to use and is very well designed (especially for the price) I do recommend buying a stand for it to get the full experience and for comfort. Definitely recommend this as a first wheel! The pedals are great (at least to me not having any experience with “SIM” pedals)

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