Sale! Samsung 45W Super Fast Wall Charger USB-C For Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra , S20+ 5G

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High quality ultra fast Samsung phone charger for my Note 10 Plus. I even use to charge other USB-C charge port having electronics faster. Works wonderfully!
This thing is designed for the Ultra but the 45w setup made my charging of my s20plus charging performance seem to be at the performance that the ultra has. I was at 50 percent full brightness and on whatsapp and that 45w charger charged in like 20 min. That's CRAZY!! I encoura
Sure some will say it doesn't charge as fast as they thought or it only charges 10 minutes quicker. Let's think about it. 10 x 7 is 1hr 10 min a week x 4 is 4hrs and 40 min a month x 12 is 56hrs a year of your life you are getting back just by getting this charger. That's how much in one year you save from being on the charger in just one 0-100 charge time. Is money more important than the quality of your life. You only have so many hours of life. Life is more important than saving $20

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