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  • Network: Verizon, AT&T, Red Pocket Mobile
  • Type: Starter SIM Kit
  • UPC: 0030698058229

User reviews

Lots of companies have service plans for heavy users at a high price; this is an excellent option for those wanting a low plan cost while still providing a usable level of service. It has a portal for monitoring service remaining because the codes like #WEB# don’t work with this service. Be careful because the data usage limit of 500 MB is a hard cap.
If you have a factory-unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 and want to use the Verizon option, you will have some inconveniences. Red Pocket will tell you your phone is "compatible," but it is not. The only way to get the "CDMA" card to work is to put a real Verizon sim in your phone, let it reconfigure, then enter Emergency Mode, which disables the radios. In Emergency Mode, swap sims (insert the Red Pocket CDMA sim), and then exit emergency mode. The phone won't know that you have swapped sims and will remain configured for the Verizon network. If you ever turn off the phone, drain your battery, reboot for updates, etc. you will have to go through the above routine again. Red Pocket must have some type of contractual limitation, just like Xfinity Mobile, that prevents their sim card from properly configuring your phone to work on Verizon's network. The phone itself is compatible, yes, but you can't use it on Verizon's network unless you insert a postpaid sim card, let the phone reconfigure itself, and then swap in the Red Pocket sim in Emergency mode. PITA? Absolutely. The savings of $21/month with lower speed Red Pocket "Verizon" unlimited vs. $75/mo full-speed real Verizon unlimited is probably worth it for those of us who live where Verizon is the only network with good coverage. Otherwise, Samsung Galaxy owners should just use one of the GSM cards (ATT or T-Mobile) and save avoid playing this sim swapping game every time you need to reboot.
I have been impressed with the service so far. I only have had one area that I don't get a good signal so far crossing 3 states. The one thing that I don't like is the service doesnt allow me to use the hotspot feature so I can use my laptop with the data. I called and they said they don't allow tethering at all. Doesn't make sense to me since Im paying for it how I use it but not my call. Just wish I knew it before I paid for a year. Other than that, great deal.

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