Sale! Plantronic Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset Text/Noise Reduction

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  • MPN: 87670-01
  • Number of Earpieces: Single
  • Model: Plantronics Voyager Legend
  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
  • Contents: Headset, Charging Cable and User Guide
  • Color: Black
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Manufacturer Color: BLACK
  • Features: Noise Cancellation, Built-in Microphone, Volume Control, Microphone Mute Button
  • UPC: 0017229137684

User reviews

The quality, comfort, range and voice ID is very good. I find that my only complaint is that, when a text comes in there is a pause re: my saying "read it" and then the text being read. Also sometimes it does not respond to my commands. These are just a few few quirks that I can live with. I have come to rely on this unit quite a bit.
Do to the fact that this was refurbished may be why the microphone is not working as it should. Others can’t hear me when I talk. I have to put my hand over the microphone in order for others to hear me well. I hear fine out of the earpiece and it synced easily with my phone but the microphone is very important and I am not satisfied with my purchase.
The earlier model used a micro USB plug to charge. The constant plugging and unplugging finally got to it and it broke. The new model uses flat contacts which connect when you put the unit in a stand. No pulling or tripping on the wire to break the plug because there isn't a plug. Much better. I also like the voice commands (pretty limited but works every time). Just say "answer" or "reject" on an incoming call. There are other nice features due to the proximity sensor built into the unit. It's still very comfortable to wear. I've almost taken a shower with the unit still in my ear because I forgot it was there. Now that's comfortable. No complaints from callers either. With the older unit I would occasionally get some Bluetooth static or choppiness but that's gone, although that could have been caused by my old phone which has also been upgraded. Overall I like the over the ear design since it won't fall out like the ones that are held in place by the ear canal, and the switches (on/off, volume, answer/ hangup etc.) are well placed and easy to find without a lot of fuss. Compared with my older model this one is more refinements than a total re-do. The basic design and comfort are still there. I would buy it again if I lost it. Just be sure you get the right model as one is for phones and the other for call center use (although I think the differences are minor). The best price at the time I bought was here on e-Bay, new for $110.

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