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I love this game. I first borrowed it from a friend since I had never played a zelda game before (I also had no games for my switch at the time). I was blown away at the graphics alone. I was compelled to tell my friend how amazing it looked (even though he already knew). The gameplay is amazing, and the controls- while being a little odd at first- actually turned out to be very simple. The motion controls to help aim your bow really made the game feel more real. It's also a puzzle game, and while the starting puzzles are relatively easy, some can get very difficult if you don't know what to do. The enemies gradually get more difficult as you keep exploring, forcing you to seek out as many temples as possible to get more spirit orbs, which you can trade for more stamina or health. The story is by far one of the most compelling pieces of art in this game though. Basically, Link wakes up from the resurrection chamber one hundred years after his failed attempt at beating Ganon. And you have to go destroy it. Simple enough, but the characters you meet along the way and twists that happen seemingly at random drive this story above and beyond. I won't spoil anything, but you should just buy the game. It really is amazing if you love action adventure games, story driven games, and/or RPGs.
Breath of the Wild is a huge success as a Zelda game and as an open world game. Nintendo has created the perfect mix of classic Zelda gameplay and story, and the best ideas from modern open world games. Many elements are added, changed or removed making this a very unique entry in a series I thought was getting played out. BOTW will appeal to almost any player because of the huge amount of content that can be freely played in any order. Almost the entire game is optional, so you can skip anything you find frustrating or come back later - no more getting stuck on weird, inscrutable dungeon puzzles! The story, characters and side quests are all excellent and will be engaging for new or seasoned Zelda fans. I was quite impressed with the NPC dialogue and facial animations, which create diverse and entertaining characters throughout the game world. Voice acted cutscenes are included for the first time; I found the voices cheesy and jarring after 20 years of text-only dialogue. This doesn't detract from the game in a major way but it's the one complaint I have. Overall this is one of the best Zelda games, and best open world games, ever produced. You owe it to yourself to play BOTW if you're even mildly interested in these types of games!
Nintendo has done it again. This game does an excellent job strategically using the gyro sensors for select tasks. It's not too little or too much integration. I have been enjoying nearly everything about this game. Creative creatures and puzzles with varying levels of difficulty. The open-world environment is excellent. The game also brings some feelings of nostalgia from the classic Zelda series. I'm about 15 hours in and it feels like there's a long way to go. You are unlikely to be disappointed with this game.

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