Sale! Nintendo – Switch 32GB Console – Neon Red/Neon Blue Joy-Con

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The Nintendo Switch is lots of fun. The system can be used on a television or as a handheld console. The games are easy to learn for anybody and their game collection is extensive. The Nintendo company has rebooted many of their older titles which makes this system very entertaining for older and younger audiences. I would definitely recommend getting the Nintendo Switch. The system itself only has a 32gb memory and after system files have installed it leaves the user with about 24gb of actual space to save photos, games, system saves, etc, so I would also recommend getting a memory card if you're the type of user who enjoys downloaded content.
The switch it self was great. Screen had no scratches. Neither the dock or the cables were broken. Still, the joycons were practically unusable. Had to get new ones because of all the "joycon drift" they had. Everything else worked fine. Still, wouldve liked that the joycon drift would have been mentioned before hand.
The product has no problem and I have been using it extensively for the past two weeks. I am glad that the box contained everything a brand new box would. I unpacked it and turned it on and it worked like a charm. No cosmetic damage to the device and the accessories whatsoever. But at the same time, I have no brand new device on hand to compare it to so take this with a grain of salt. Great value compared to a store-priced in my opinion.

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