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It has EVERYTHING! Mario gets a lot of new outfits, the game is long with 999 possible power moons to get in the game (like how in past mario games you collected power stars, now its power moons.) My favorite thing so far is that in the desert, you can use a ride! He is like a lion named Jaxi. You can even get off the ride and if you dont go too far he's there when you get back. Now as for the graphics, they are amazing. Definetly the best graphics in a mario game so far. Its just a big open world game and the worlds are beautiful too! BEST MARIO GAME YET!!! ITS ACTUALLY THE MAIN REASON I BOUGHT A NINTENDO SWITCH! I have 2 of my in game screenshots below.
Great game. Not the best for younger children as the puzzles are too challenging for them but they still enjoy it.
I heard many great things about Super Mario Odyssey and I can say that I loved almost every minute of my journey in this game. Having no power ups was kinda weird but Capturing enemies is an awesome ability in exchange. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a Paragoomba? How about a Cheep Cheep or even a T-Rex. This game has so much to do and so many things to collect. This is easily my favorite 3D Mario game hands down. The boss fights were pretty fun too. There's plenty of Kingdoms to explore.

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