Sale! HP SSD S700 2.5″ 500GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive 2DP99AA#ABC

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  • 4KB Random Read: Up to 75,000 IOPS
  • Form Factor: 2.5 in
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Internal SSD
  • Write Speed: Up to 515 MBps
  • Model: 2DP99AA
  • Compatible With: PC
  • MPN: 2DP99AA#ABC
  • 4KB Random Write: Up to 90,000 IOPS
  • Interface: SATA III
  • Item Length: 100.00mm
  • Item Height: 6.70mm
  • Read Speed: Up to 560 MBps
  • Item Width: 69.85mm
  • Storage Capacity: 500 GB
  • Drive Type(s) Supported: SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • UPC: 0191628168507

User reviews

when I first got the drive I noticed I liked it was and thought it might have been a hoax but then I install a fresh copy of Windows on it and noticed that it was real it's too good to be true I am very happy with the drive I installed the fresh copy of Windows 10 and it worked great I want to watch a video I downloaded on the drive and it opened up instantaneously I love the speed of the drive thank you very much I'm going to buy another in fact right now
Ok I installed it in my gaming computer with plenty of air flow across it. Installed a fresh copy of windows 10. Did fine. Was downloading some games to it and noticed that it was as quick as it needed to be and all of a sudden, it would throttle. I figured it was something that I did. Restored windows ten and started again. Same thing happen. I installed hwmonitor and did a sequential test and found that when the drive reached 129 degrees Fahrenheit it would throttle to about 40-50 MBps. My mechanical hard drive is faster than that. I swapped it out for a Samsung and have not had any issues since. I needed up putting it in my laptop and installed Ubuntu on it because it is less hdd hungry to say and it idles around 120 degrees. It’s sad because it only just a few months old and the seller was giving me the run around. I brought the product from them yet I had to reach out to the manufacturer to get it warranted. That is some BS if you ask me. If I get something at wal mart you don’t see me going to the manufacture then, you just take it right back to Walmart and get it warranted. Would not recommend it because you can get better drive for just a few dollars more.
This SSD drive made a difference of night and day in my old Dell Precision T7400. My computer felt so sluggish while using an old seagate disk drive. But once I installed the SSD, The whole system sped up dramatically. Boot time went from four minutes, To about five seconds. Windows anti virus used to run forever, But now is done within seconds. Everything i do is just extremely fast now. This drive is solid, Works straight out of the box, Once you attach it to a 3.5 inch adapter bracket, You can install it in a regular desktop drive bay. It's a Sata 3 drive, And my computer only has Sata 2 on it, So it is capable of a lot more speed then i'm getting from it. So if i upgrade to a newer system, I already have a drive that can handle it. Is it worth sixty three dollars? Absolutely! The speed difference is phenomenal. It's a great drive.

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