Sale! Honeywell Home RTH2410B1019 Programmable Thermostat, White

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I had an old mercury tilt thermostat. The tilt mechanism is operated by a spring and the whole unit must be level or you will get a bad reading. Furnace is a wood/oil combination baseboard water heat. THIS thermostat is so much better and it's easy to read and use. I had only two wires, a black and a white coming from my controller on the furnace to my old thermostat. I hooked up the black and red wires and everything works like it should. The programmer is not hard to set, but we are used to turning it up and down by hand so we use it that way, but we set up a program and may switch over to a schedule sometime. It's easy to toggle between using the programmed setting and the manual setting. The lighted display is nice and easy to read.
Thermostat has too wide of a range before calling for heat and shutting the heat off. About a 5 degrees F swing in temperature The wake to the desired temperature setting does not seem to work at all, as the thermostat seems to turn on and off whenever it wants to. The unit was easy to install and program. However, do to the temperature swings the programing is nearly useless. The filter change reminder and low battery indicator are good features if the thermostat is located in a location that you see the thermostat on a daily bases. In my case an audio alert would be useful. As this is my third Honeywell programmable thermostat in 15 years, I will be looking at other brands for a replacement.
Simple to install, just remove old thermostat, undo the 4-wires color coded wires, reconnect wiring as shown on instructions. New thermostat made of good quality plastic and is simple to program,,, ......didn't find any thing negative to say.

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