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Nice GPS. Lots of features but some quirks, differences from other brands. I like the voice command, but you still need to learn how to use it if you don't want the first choice for a restaurant to be a car repair business halfway across the country - kinda funny sometimes. Also, some of the complaints others have are sometimes not valid if you just spend some time learning how to get through to the feature you want. Customize for different display information. Big screen is great. Brightness and volume control is great, especially voice command while driving. I give it a 4++ since it is not quite perfect.
Can see well because of size. Problem with not connecting to my pioneer vehicle stereo? Doesn't recognize all vehicle stereo's. Had to use in another vehicle that had a JVC stereo. Sometimes can't find addresses, sometimes it does? Hoped for better results. Have older version that easier to use but smaller. Keeping it because to much trouble returning, maybe work better when updated again?
the good = great screen size, great definition, good voice, great map colors, great layout of roads, appreciate how gps a feature that says "turn right at next stop light" i do like the road warning signs of traffic delays, school zones, etc. 4 square is a somewhat usable feature, i need more practice to get the best of all it has to offer. the OK = mount could be more stable, and stick to the windshield better. the aftermarket heavy soft pad is very good. the bad= voice command often does not recognize address given. i give it a 8.5 out of 10

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