Sale! For SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 S4 S6 NOTE Charging Cable Black 4.8FT Micro USB Sync Cord

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  • Feature#1: Connects Samsung devices to USB port
  • Type: Not Available
  • Feature#2: Quick charging
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer Part Number: YM-9246195
  • MPN: YM-9246195
  • Money back Guarantee: 60 days
  • Return: Free
  • Dimension: 58" / 4.8'
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • UPC: 680063821493

User reviews

This cable is fairly cheap and thin. The thin cable causes a slower charging speed (approximately 700 mA) on a charger that puts out 2000 mA. If you want faster charging, go with a shorter and thicker cable. The small hooks that hold the micro USB connection in place can get a bit stuck and require some force to remove from the device you are charging. Sometimes the cable does not allow charging right away and needs to be unplugged and reinserted in order to begin charging.
I ordered this item for replacing my current cable, but my phone doesn't recognize it and I can't charge the battery. The cable looks exactly the same as mine and my phone is Galaxy S3. Still don't know why the phone doesn't recognize it.
These cables as not as advertised. It is not a Samsung equivalent. Samsun's have "positioning tabs" on them to ensure they connect correctly. I looked diligently at the pictures of this product and it looked like these had the tabs but they do not and they will not connect to this old device that I bought them for.

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