Sale! Fitbit Sense Advanced Health & Fitness Tracker Smartwatch Graphite FB512BKBK

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  • MPN: 512BKBK
  • Body Area: Wrist
  • Battery Life: Up to 6 Days
  • Features: Bluetooth, Alarm, GPS, Clock, Data Review, Calorie Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Water Resistant, Average Heart Rate
  • Sport/Activity: Gym & Training, Yoga, Running & Jogging
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Activity Tracker
  • Model: FB512BKBK
  • For Operating Systems: iOS, Android
  • Measurement Provided: Heart Rate, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories
  • UPC: 811138036980

User reviews

I previously had a Fitbit Charge, a Charge 2, and 3 Ionics. I had problems with the Ionics, and Fitbit would replace them. I got the Sense after the 3rd Ionic failed, after 21 months. The Ionic, by comparison was large & gawdy, and heavier than the Sense. Because of my 2+ years with the Ionic, I tend to still look for features in the same places and ways, and the logic of the features in the Sense is much different. I like the new layout, but have not gotten used to it. I'm sure in another month I will have adapted to the Sense, and I already prefer it.
I just dont get the fuss over this v expensive almost useless nit of kit. I have purchased a fitbit sense Sleep function does not give daily reading. It says not wearing watch but gives the info 2 or 3 dsys later if it feels like it. Many of the items in the function list simply exit the app when you click on them Steps count is way off. Heart beat monitor wah off which does mean you cannot rely on the ecg, which is why I chose this brand and it does not have blood pressure monitor, which even 50$watches now do.. all in all a triumph of marketing over substance
I find that scrolling through the icons somewhat pointless and the app overloads me with features I don't want. The watch is okay but the app is terrible which drags the watch down with it. So far all I use is the sleep monitor and pulse. I don't think it is worth a subscription just for that. I will be looking for a more focused fitness wearable.

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