Sale! ETERNITY for Men by CALVIN KLEIN 3.4 oz edt New in box

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This product is the real deal. It is high quality and actual "Eternity" by Calvin Klein in the same normal larger size I use to buy at the store, just at a much better price!
It's not bad, but it's not cologne. Cologne has a different fragrance as opposed to after shave. The bottle I purchased is after shave and does not stand up to Calvin Kleins Cologne. The after shave is a watered-down version of cologne. Fragrance isn't bad, it just doesn't have the full bodied fragrance the cologne does.
I have worn Eternity for years and never have got a better price than I did here , it was only 20.00 for 3.4 oz which usally sales for around 54.00 . Let me tell you for the first time in 35 years they made it possible for me to buy two more bottles of different cologne I had wanted to try for years but just could not pay the big prices at department stores . I bought a big bottle of Obsession Water and both were 20.00 a piece . This is funny it was such a good deal that I was thinking something is going to be wrong but sure enough its the real deal and the big bottles . Thank you guys so much will be seeing you again soon !!!

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