Sale! Elite Tactical Systems ETS Magazine 7rd Glock 43 9mm – GLK-43

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  • MPN: 38305
  • Model: Glock 43
  • Number of Rounds: 7
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • For Gun Type: Handgun
  • UPC: 0854094005430

User reviews

ETS group Glock magazines always seem to function perfectly. I personally have never had a failure with them, they're also about half the price of factory magazines and the fact that you can instantly check how many rounds you have left is just an extra bonus.
Bought 2. These hold 6 rounds. Clearly states on auction and on packaging that it holds 7. Of the 2 I bought, I could jam a 7th round into one of them, but it was so tight, my Glock 43 would not chamber it and I had to pound the mag in harder than any other mag I have to get it to hold into the gun. There is no written information on the packagaing that says anything about why it might not hold more than 6 rounds. I'm using brand new Fiocchi 115 GRS. FMJ rounds. My first impression when taking this mag out of the packaging was "Oh cool, this is about 2mm shorter than my other 7-round mag". Well, now we know it's because it doesn't hold 7 rounds. Also, look at the stock photo... Look how far forward the top round is sitting compared to the rest of the mag. As I'm finishing this review and put 6 rounds in the mag, the top round looks just fine on my end. When I cram the 7th round in, just like the stock photo shown on Ebay, the round sits forward a few mm. It seems I bought 2 6-Round Mags that seem like they will work fine. These are not 7 round mags. If I was looking for 6-round mags, these might be cool. I just looked at the review rating but didn't read the reviews before buying. I wish I did now. Why people would review this mag with blatant false advertising, acknowledging that it only holds 6 and still give it a good rating is beyond me. If you need 7 in the mag, don't buy! If you only need 6, fine.
I have bought these in the past but will not in the future. Definitely won’t hold up in cold weather. Had these outside (32 degrees) attached to an extended mag taped off after sanding. Applied one coat of duracoat applied heat with a hair dryer to cure. Between coats the bottom of the mag ,where the two clips are, the entire lip of the magazine broke off. I’m talking in exact shape of the mag itself. Fiancée threw away my parts by accident so returning is out. Would not trust my life with it. Glad I found out early instead of when I may have needed it.

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