Sale! Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum | Copper | Certified Refurbished

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I absolutely hated corded vacuums. I had a central vac system put in. Ugh. Tried an iRobot which was better but didn't do the job. Always went back to the good old Hoover. Then it went away and since I bought a Dyson V8 for my son last xmas and he loved his, I thought I would try it. Oh, wow! This thing is AMAZING! I love it more than my steam mop which is saying something! I haven't even used all the attachments but the fact I use it all the time and can just grab it is the best part! No dragging a vacuum out and finding a plug, using it, unpugging it and rewrapping the cord, then putting it back away. Like that happened very often. Lol It makes me happy!
I have upgraded Dysns several times and this model out performs the others by a mile. It lasts 40 min rather than 7 . IT has a very strong suction but is much quieter. Love this for my cleaning therapy. 4 dogs in the house.
Light weight, easy to use and easy to clean - comes with a great collection of add on tools. However comma you don't have a lot of run time depending on your power setting (there are 3). Basically a PhD operation...push/pull here dummy.

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