Sale! DJI Mini 2 Drone Fly More Combo Quadcopter -Certified Refurbished

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Straight out of the box, you have everything you need to fly. Owning a DJI Spark, I didn't need to learn much when it came to flying the DJI mini 2. However, the Mini 2 does use a slightly different app than the Spark. But overall, The drone flies effortlessly under calm conditions. Even with a little wind, The mini 2 seemed quite stable. I wish the Mini 2 had more LED lights flashing on the underside to make it more visible in the air. The three speed settings are very noticeable and can really help in getting that cinematic shot you're looking for. Like most drones and their software, take the time to watch some videos on YouTube and read articles online that give you insight on how to adjust app settings like, aperture, brightness, etc. It's quite amazing seeing the quality of footage that you can obtain from this relative low price-point drone. If you need more accessories, then spend a bit more for the more expensive bundles. I bought a propeller holder strap since the basic bundle didn't have one. I feel that was so important to prevent your propellers from flapping around while folded up and stored. Flight time is not bad averaging about 20 -30 minutes depending on how you are flying the drone and if the wind is strong. The three axis gimbal is a great feature. the video stability is quite great for such a tiny lightweight drone. There's no doubt it's one of the best bang for the buck drones on the market today.
DJI have good products, but I don't recommend to buy this bundle. The back-pack and the "VR" are just a cheap items the VR is a toy that is a useless I throw mine away at the moment that I received it, the backpack is a very low quality the zipper is already broken. and I was a little skeptical about the Drone thinking if it was genuine, but I think it is because it connects to the app :), Thank God
This is a refurbished drone but came in original packaging. Everything inside looks brand new! I have flown the drone several times and have to say that it is a LOT of fun! I own a Mavic 2 Pro and a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, but wanted something smaller and easy to get into the air to be able to check out areas that I plan to fly for business without using up my production batteries. This drone is perfect for that and is just as reliable as my other two DJI drones. Besides that, it is a lot of fun to fly. It's very easy to set up and take off. Less than two minutes and I'm in the air. The pictures are good and the video is great. I like being able to zoom 4x on the pics and 2x on the 4K video. It is a great little drone and I am very happy with the quality and value of the refurbished status. It has taken away my fear of purchasing other items that are refurbished.

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