Sale! DJI Mavic Mini – Fly More Combo (DJI REFURBISHED)

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I've owned five or six drones over the years, but this is the best. It does everything my Phantom 3 did (well, except 2.7K video instead of 4K, but that's plenty good enough for me, and the stills are the same 12 megapixels) and more. But unlike my bigger drones, the Mavic Mini is super-compact and lightweight--easy to store and easy to carry. It's a pleasure to fly, as long as you don't try to buck winds above 10-15 mph. I usually fly in the early morning, when the light is best and the wind is low or nonexistent. I'm very happy with this drone, especially at the affordable price for the refurbished "Fly More" kit. The kit, by the way, looked and worked like a brand new unit--shrink-wrapped, with all accessories down to spare cables and joysticks. The only way you could tell it wasn't brand new was the small "refurbished" sticker. All in all, a great drone at a great price.
Flight logs not recording errors, sport mode causes altitude error and sudden drops to the ground. DJI fly software constantly asks for me to calibrate the sensors. No other software is compatible with Android 10 so you have to use DJI fly. Constant GPS loss doesn't allow for takeoff. Altitude errors at high altitude causes the drone to fall from the sky. On top of the constant errors I can only fly about a mile away. I would not recommend purchasing the mavic mini.
This is the best drone in this price range for beginners and experienced pilots! It may be a little short on certain features but it's a quality reliable drone which is very important!, nice to know that your drone will return to u 99.9% of the time. It flies in nearly all conditions that you'd want to fly in and feel confident.

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