Sale! DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo Drone 4K Camera -Certified Refurbished

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5 star rating is for the drone / batteries / controller, etc. The goggles are of poor quality. The elastic strap on one of them was broken when I received it. There was only 1 SD card in 2 bundles but I am using larger SD cards anyway. I ended up getting a different case to hold the drone, controller and batteries, which have special slots for each and a flip up top. The backpack in this bundle is good for carrying other accessories. The Mavic Air 2 is a very stable drone, easy to fly with some great safety features. It has a nice camera for daytime video and photos. It's not that great for nighttime shots but I don't plan on using it at night anyway. The Fly More combo is a great value as each battery costs around $115 when you purchase spares so that alone makes it a savings over getting just the drone with 1 battery bundle.
Best drone I have ever owned! makes the others look weak compared to it ; fly's by itself and I have learned to trust it to film other lessor drones because I can trust it to stay where I put it even in some what windy conditions. The range and single strength out does all my other drones too. In some ways its like a machine, boring in some regards because it really does fly it self, unlike one of my drones that if you take you eye off of it too long you got to wounder if its wounding off into a build or tree- The air stays where you leave her until the battery goes low or you give it a command; out of all my drones (3) the Air has the best flight time, best camera, best features. Will be buying another one really soon too.
From someone who has always loved photography, but never owned a drone; this is definitely one of the coolest "flying cameras" you can get. Anti-collision sensors, extra propellers, a charging station for everything, ND filters, and enough batteries for a flight time of about 75 to 85 minutes total before needing to head back to the charging station with your 3 batteries. I was also amazed how well this drone handles wind; and the ability to fly miles away with it!

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