Sale! Cuisinart CTOA-130PC1FR Digital AirFryer Toaster Oven – Certified Refurbished

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Everything seems to work very well on the Air Fryer / Toaster Oven. The unit seems very powerful which took some getting used to in terms of heating up time / adjusting our previous Air Fryer cook times with warm-up times factored in. The controls seem fairly easy but there is one caveat, I wish there was a 'Stop / Off' button that was separate from the 'Start' button so I could get out of the selected menu or at least turn off the unit display. The one task that seems to be much more difficult, only in comparison to our previous Ninja Air Fryer, is that seasoning items like potatoes is not really easily accomplished in the horizontal tray vs the previous 'basket' design. All around, this seems to be a great product. Time will tell on reliability as our previous Cuisinart Toaster Oven temperature sensor stopped working after a few months which completely scuttled the Oven / Bake feature. One gripe that most of our kitchen appliances inspire: a longer power cord would be very nice. This cord is maybe 30 inches long or so which makes it extremely difficult to group with other countertop appliances that also have very short cords. Plugging the device in to a surge protector is always an option for extending range but that doesn't fix the issue with grouping several small appliances together if they all have the same cord length shortcoming.
I have had no problems with my new Toaster oven/Air Fryer. I use nearly every day. Easy to clean. I place foil on bottom of oven for easy cleanup and cover pan with foil as well. Air fryer is awesome. Most foods ready in half the time of an conventional oven. Nice to have a 2 year warranty included on product .
This replaced a much older Cuisinart toaster oven that, although still working, had served it's time well and we were ready for a new appliance while adding the "air fry" feature. We've used many other features already, my wife figuring out the controls intuitively - a major accomplishment for this household. No issues and we're happy so far.

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