Sale! Behringer P2 Ultra-Compact Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier

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  • MPN: FCS110
  • Model: Powerplay P2
  • Number of Channels: 1
  • Instrument: Electronic Drum
  • UPC: 653341308030
  • EAN: 0653341308030

User reviews

This drummer is a first-time IEM user, and I'm pretty hooked. The FCS110+P2 rig has been just the ticket for locking in with one of my bassists, whose transients I was having trouble picking out onstage and in rehearsal. (I'm playing one ear in/one out and getting the rest of the band through stage volume/floor wedge; yeah, I know I'm supposed to drink ALL the IEM Kool-Aid. Soon...) The FCS110 earbuds are comfortable and deliver the warm low end promised in the write-up in the listing (and at The cable is just long enough without presenting a huge cable management liability, and seems sturdy yet supple. The included eartips are all silicone, but I've added foam tips (got a pack of 6 pair for $7 on Amazon) to improve isolation, and the foams are comfortable-enough that I'm enjoying using using these earbuds almost all day for music listening in my office where there's a window air conditioner about a meter from my head. The little soft-shell earbud case is sturdy and functional. The P2 is built like a tank, and I like the fact that it's switchable between mono and stereo. Others have complained that it's easy to break the belt clip, but I'm not sure what they had to do to break it, since it's the same sheet of steel as the bottom (XLR/combo jack) end of the case. I've been sort of cavalier about how I'm transporting it (including "clipped to an inside pocket in a backpack full of junk") and it hasn't so much as deformed yet. If I have one complaint, it's the collar clips that are included: They're pretty chintzy, I can't get their "pincers" around the earbud cable. I'm just going to replace with an old spare from a call-center phone headset (search Amazon for B01N22KO0X). I suspect the earbud mfr. is working to minimize costs, which I appreciate, but a slightly-beefier clip would be more in keeping with the high quality of the earbuds themselves.
Behringer powerplay P2 headphone amplifier first the stereo/mono Switch wasn’t working right. First the only could get stereo imaging in the mono switch placement. Than when I could get the stereo to working stereo switch the stereo right/left was out of balanced even though my mixer indicated it was balanced right in my headphones. 1st new cable wasn’t allowing me to get enough volume and also added to the 5% interferences & added fuzz sound to the headphones. 2nd new cable had less interference but still had added fuzz sound and still couldn’t get the stereo imaging switch to work properly. After trying to get it to work for week, I want to like this product but can’t. Im done with this product. Apparently the manufacturer has bad quality control on these units and many bad units have been sold. I’m better off blasting my ear off with my headphones plugged directly into my stereo headphone jack on my mixer.
excellent product.....great price....if you want ear monitors but don't have a big budget or your band just has your basic good pa , this is great, you can use the last daisy chain output from the wedge monitor put the cable in the p2 add ear buds and you get a good sound...I'm a drummer with a vocal mic , now I use ear buds, no more wedge, no feedback issues and one thing less to carry....its not going to give you perfect ,clear "mixing board" sound, but it does get the job done !!

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