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My Range Rover died on me on my way to work. Had it towed home and did the 3 check, had fuel, had spark and ignition. Even stayed starter fluid into the intake and it wouldn’t even turn over. I pick up this scanner and within 5 minuets of opening the box problem solved. It told me that my immobilizer needs reprogrammed. So this thing is easy to use( I’ve never used one before) and saved me from doing the old replace everything until you find the problem. Definitely worth the money.
A simple OBD 2 (On-Board Diagnostic) monitor that plugs into the port on your car to display the error code (such as for a check engine light) and a few brief words titling the problem. Easy to use, helpful in understanding the problem before initiating a repair if needed. You have to pursue a solution on the internet using the error code displayed on the monitor. Small monitor cost is worth the information obtained.
Product is new and works well on my 2016 Ford Escape. It's easy to attach and easy to read. It has a long lead that is much better than earlier models.

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