Sale! Aquamira 2 oz. Water Storage and Purification Treatment

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Very easy to mix. The water doesn't slime up like it will when not treated. We were going to use the water for dishes and showers, but we drink it. Excellent product
I have two 55 gallons of emergency water on hand ,I have seen on the net of people saying you don't need this product , I am no chemist but if I can guarantee that my water will be good in five years from now , Yes I will and have used and will continue to use Aquamira , why would you put your only drinking water on the line on somebodys say so . I don't need another emergency on top of another . use it !!! ( used a water filter to fill my two 55 gal, water containers , filter out the bad and put in the good , another good reason to use Aquamira ! )
Works well but, a little pricey. Packaging does not tell you that a treatment in the recommended amount of water will last five years. Until I found this out I had been changing and retreating the water every 9 months. Does that increase the price?? Retreating at 5 years does in fact, make the product a good value. Without this info and you retreat so much sooner it is not a good value.

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