Sale! Apple Watch Series 6 40mm GPS Gold Aluminum Case Sport Band MG123LL/A

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The product, Apple watch 6, is excellent. I upgraded from a series 2, so I'm enjoying the fun add-ons since then. If you are an Apple phone fan, then you will enjoy this. I use a sleep app that I added. I also use the exercise and health apps everyday. I like that I can see pictures from messages and Snapchat. I thought this would be too big for me. I did get the smaller one, but I liked the way the 38 looked. I actually like the slightly larger size better than I thought. I can use the functions such as the calculator much easier and it really doesn't look too big on my tiny writst. Have fun with it.
Love my new Apple Watch (40 mm) Series 6. The design and interface is very clean with helpful apps and features.
I’ve had Gen 1 to the latest Gen 6th and with all the health features added and slightly enter battery then Gen 5 I’d give high praise to this design.

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