Sale! 2018 Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13″ Gray | 2.3GHz Quad i5 8GB 256GB Certified

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The 2018 MacBook Pros are the last good intel Macs. They fix flexgate, fix butterfly with silicon under the keyboard, blazing fast, high GHZ, and fans don’t turn on until you open 10 apps at once. This thing is a beast at everything and I love it so much! Mine came with the touch bar which is amazing and so fun to use. they even have touch bar games. Would buy again 11/10. 5 stars. Thanks Apple for the best laptop EVER!
I love this MacBook Pro. Even though it’s a 2018 it looks and acts just like the new ones. I would say the price is a little high since the 2019 are selling for near that but I was bidding so it made sense.
Good laptop. Replaced old one which lasted 8 years

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