Movie Projector,6500 Lumens 1080P Supported HiFi Speaker for Home Theater Projector, 60,000 Hours LED lamp Life Outdoor Video Projector Compatible with TV Stick/Switch/Laptop/PS5/USB/HD ‎Bloomidea

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Product Description

Bloomidea Q5 projector, A gift for The Whole Family, Makes Christmas More Exciting!

Movie projector for home useMovie projector for home use

Bloomidea Q5 Projector Makes Your Christmas Full of Fantasy!

Movie ProjectorMovie Projector

Bloomidea Professional Upgraded LED Movie Projector for Indoor & Outdoor Home Theater Entertainment

The LED projector with 1280*720P and supporting full HD 1080P, is suitable for indoor and outdoor home theater. Bloomidea movie projector has a simple appearance and is for laptops.Whether indoors or outdoors, the movie projector can effectively project games, pictures, videos, photos and sports events to bring ​a high-quality life experience.

Note:Due to copyright protection issue, the sound of some Netflix videos may not work , please turn off the Dolby Sound to make the sound work properly

Q5 projector supports multimedia connectionQ5 projector supports multimedia connection

Q5 projector supports multimedia connection

The Q5 projector with a tripod is compatible with a Fire TV Stick, Smartphone, Roku Express and laptop, which makes projecting any kind of media incredibly easy and convenient for a variety of applications and situations.(Notes: HD Adapter, Fire TV Stick and Roku Express are not included)

home projector

home projector

projector for outdoor movies

projector for outdoor movies

projector for outdoor movies

projector for outdoor movies

Home Projector HD Resolution

Bloomidea Movie projector resolution has improved to 1280×720 and 20% upgrade on brightness.The home HD projector can meet the most kinds of home entertainments.The movie projector adopts diffuse reflection technology to reduce the eyes damage, so that even if you watch the screen for a long time, you will not feel tired.

Movie Projector Projection Size

The movie projector with portable body design, easy-to-operate menu, simple settings , 130″ large projection screen, 1280×720 full HD projection and 24-bit true-color support provides excellent visual and audio experience. The movie projector is ideal for home theater and outdoor activities.

Built-in 3W Stereo Speakers

The built-in speakers provide original high-fidelity audio and stereo surround sound, enhancing the immersion of watching movies. The movie projector with a built-in 3W speaker can provide clear and comfortable sound quality in different situations. In addition, you can also connect external speakers for better sound quality.Due to copyright protection issue, the sound of some Netflix videos may not work , please turn off the Dolby Sound to make the sound work properly.

projectors for laptopsprojectors for laptops

Five-layer LCD Lens Display for Clearer Resolution

Bloomidea movie Projector adopts five layers well-grinding LCD lens to provide the customers with the clearer resolution. By adjusting the Focus button and the ±15° Keystone button, you can install the projector anywhere and catch the best video display image.The dual-fan system design based on the advanced noise reduction technology has solved the annoying overheating and noisy airflow problems. The projector with a cooling system can still bring you a comfortable experience even under long runtime.

Movie Projector for Home UseMovie Projector for Home Use

Display Technique

Native Resolution
1280×720P 1280×720P 1920×1080P

Bulit-in Speaker
Built-in HI-FI Stereo Speaker Built-in HI-FI Stereo Speaker Built-in Dual Stereo Speaker

Contrast Ratio
4000:1 2000:1 8000:1

Wireless & WiredSize

Wireless & WiredSize

Meet your family needs Watch movies, take classes online, or let your children enjoy hours of cartoons and educational videos [very suitable for use in low-light environments]. This is an innovation of traditional projectors, built-in stereo speakers, adjust the trapezoid and focus to obtain a true projection size of 130 inches, the projection distance is 1.5 meters-5 meters, bringing an excellent audience experience. Outdoor movie and movie projector suitable for indoor use.
Hi-Fi Level Speaker,High-quality sound effects Our Bloomidea movie projector can create 130-inch real high-definition images. At the same time, the body has a built-in independent Hi-Fi speaker, you can really enjoy the large image size and full sound. Portable Projector Plus You can choose to connect the projector to external speakers, headphones or other audio equipment to customize the audiovisual experience
Multi-function interface Bloomidea projector is equipped with HD, USB, Av cable connection. Bloomidea projector can be connected to TV, PC, laptop, tablet, switch or other devices for easy and convenient viewing Video, browse picture or play
Faithful after-sales service Bloomidea HD projector has CE, FCC certification. Our products have a one-year warranty. If there is any problem, the product can be replaced. If you have any questions about the product or its use, you can contact us through our after-sales service, and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.


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