Future Call FC-0613 Picture Phone for Seniors w/10 One Touch Picture Memory Keys | Dementia Alzheimers Telephones for Seniors | Amplified Telephones for Hearing Impaired Seniors | 40db Volume Handset

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Standard house phones for seniors often have buttons that are too small to be identified or accurately pressed, especially for seniors. You’ve probably noticed your grandparents having trouble pressing the digits on your old home phone corded landline unit. Just because age tends to come with a host of difficulties doesn’t mean you should let your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa suffer through such inconveniences. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect product to see them through their golden years. Give your seniors complete authority over their home phone with the Future Call FC-0613 home phones for seniors with 10 picture phone memory keys. Future Call took the idea of picture phones for dementia patients along with amplified phones for hearing impaired seniors and merged them together creating one of the best landline phones for seniors available. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, these house phones for seniors allow your loved ones to use big button memory telephones & amplified telephones without assistance making the FC-0613 a great corded phone for seniors. These telephones for seniors feature 10 one touch speed dial photo buttons that add great convenience when reaching out to frequently dialed contacts. This way, they’ll be able to clearly see who they’re calling one push of a button. Furthermore, this senior citizens phone is designed to store emergency contacts efficiently. You’ll notice the 911 key which is also reprogrammable to your desired contact. Landline phone , large button phones for seniors and phone for dementia patients are great tools to help your senior. Reasons to love our Simple landline phone for seniors: 1) Loud simple telephone for hard of hearing 2) One Touch dial phone 3) Alzheimers telephone 4) dementia phones 5) Big button phone for elderly 5) amplified corded phones for hearing impaired 6) Home phone with big buttons 6) Sight impaired phone 7) handicap phones for elderly
MEMORY DIALING – Our picture phones for dementia patients and alzheimer’s phones for seniors along with any person struggling with cognitive decline, are the reasons that we have created the Future Call FC-0613 picture phone for seniors. With one touch dialing enabled, your loved ones can easily contact the person of their choosing with one press of a button. This push button telephone is an easy phone for seniors. When it comes to dementia products for elderly people, this phone is a must.
AMPLIFIED PHONE FOR HEARING IMPAIRED SENIORS – Our senior phone for elderly people reaches 40db in handset volume. The handset includes a hi / low switch located on the back of the phone, choosing between 30db or 40db in volume which is the normal range for most hearing impaired phones for elderly people. Ringer Volume has options of Hi / Low / Off. This big button phone for seniors is hearing aid compatible and can also assist as a good phone for visually impaired seniors.
ONE TOUCH DIALING – This corded phone for seniors comes in Normal / One Touch Modes located on the back of the phone. When positioned in Normal Mode, 2 Touch Memory Dialing and standard dialing are both enabled. In One Touch Dialing Mode, 1 Touch Memory Dialing is enabled however standard dialing is disabled. This phone includes 10 One Touch / 10 Two Touch Dialing memory numbers depending on which mode you choose. 911 Key is always One Touch and is reprogrammable to your desired number.
MORE FEATURES – Pictures Measure 1″ x 1″ inches and can be placed on each button for programmable memory dialing. Programmed numbers are not lost during power outages. This landline phone for seniors is powered by the landline voltage and does not need an AC adaptor. The STORE ON/OFF Switch is used to prevent storing numbers by mistake, and must be in the ON position to Store memory numbers. Bright red lights for incoming calls, redial / pause key, Flash key for call waiting, FCC approved.
READ BEFORE PURCHASING: This phone was primarily made for the elderly with disabilities and those with special needs. This phone does not include caller id or voicemail, it is not designed to be hung on walls but is for desktop only. It is NOT A SIP VOIP PHONE (Voice over Internet Provider) and will not work correctly if connected to a SIP VOIP NETWORK. This phone works great when connected to a Cable Tv / Internet modem. If any regular phone works on this line then our FC-0613 will work too.


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