2022 Smart Watch for Men Women, 1.69″ HD Display Fitness Trcker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Oximetry Monitor Temperature Detector, IP67 Waterproof Pedometer for Android and iOS Phones (Blue)

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SOUYIE Stylish Smart WatchSOUYIE Stylish Smart Watch

SOUYIE Stylish Smart Watch

The SOUYIE smart watch uses 3D curved glass, equipped with a 1.69 inch high definition display, which has higher resolution. The frame is made of aerospace aluminum alloy wear-resistant material, whose appearance is softer and touch is better, and it is more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant. The health detector on the wrist supports exercise heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, and provides heart rate warning reminders when the heart rate is too high.

Powerful CPU, Excellent PerformancePowerful CPU, Excellent Performance

Powerful CPU, Excellent Performance

The SOUYIE smartwatches adopt a new generation of intelligent upgrade chip, whose intelligent algorithm is more efficient and the browsing speed is faster. Because it is equipped with a high-precision thermal conductivity temperature sensor, the monitoring data is more accurate. With a large high-definition display, ultra-high pixel resolution, the display effect is clearer. It is equipped with a new high-end CPU, which has lower power consumption and longer standby time. SOUYIE smart watches are compatible with smartphones with iOS 9.0 & Android 5.0 or higher.

Family Health Data SharingFamily Health Data Sharing

Family Health Data Sharing

After downloading Keep Health, you can add your family to your friends on the application, and you can remotely view the body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, exercise record, step count and other health data of your lover, parents, children and friends directly on your phone. Keep up to date on the health of your family numbers.

A Variety of Sports Modes Can Be Switched ArbitrarilyA Variety of Sports Modes Can Be Switched Arbitrarily

A Variety of Sports Modes Can Be Switched Arbitrarily

There are 25 sports in the sport mode: walking, running, cycling, indoor run, exercise, soccer, basketball, badminton, jump rope, push-ups, sit-ups, hiking, tennis, high strength, indoor cycle, fitness, rugby , Golf, spinning bike, weightlifting, roller skating, dance, yoga, indoor walk, hike. You can choose one of the sports to start exercising. The watch can accurately calculate how many calories you have burned, how many kilometers you have exercised, how many steps you have taken, and your exercise pace. The movement status is clear at a glance.The music mode can also be used simultaneously during exercise.

Relax Your Mind & Body

Relax Your Mind & Body

Super Battery Life

Super Battery Life

Good Weather, Go for A Walk

Good Weather, Go for A Walk

Relax Your Mind & Body

The watch also provides a breathing function for working people and people who don’t have time to exercise. When you feel tired after working for a long time or feel angry for some reason, you can enter the breath interface of the watch, exhale and inhale according to the prompts to adjust the breathing rhythm, which can help relieve stress and calm your mood.

Super Battery Life

Equipped with a long-lasting battery life of 260mAh, taking into account the requirements of high performance and low power consumption, the battery life can reach 7-10 days in typical use scenarios, allowing you to get rid of electricity anxiety. When you don’t use some functions often, you can turn on the power reserve so that you can only see the time like wearing a ordinary watch. To turn off the mode, just long press the button on the right side of the watch.

Good Weather, Go for A Walk

Practical weather forecast allows you to travel without looking at your mobile phone. Before you travel, you can enter the activity interface to set the standing time, exercise time, and calorie consumption goals. Our activity record will record the whole process, and there is a progress bar to visually see how much your goal has been completed.

Multiple Practical Auxiliary Functions in LifeMultiple Practical Auxiliary Functions in Life

Multiple Practical Auxiliary Functions in Life

Our watch have 3 health reminders, 6 health monitors, 8 life assistance functions, and 25 exercise modes. Also, we provide stress monitoring for office workers. You could pay attention to your stress index in time and make some adjustments to your life and work status. And there are reminders of drinking water, sedentary and heart rate warning. In addition, it is also equipped with a variety of practical life functions, such as activity records, weather, stopwatch, breathing, calculator, music, timer, alarm clock and other practical life tools. An additional section for women’s health has been opened for female users, which can record their menstrual period, fertile period, and their menstrual period status.

Diversified Dials, Customized As You LikeDiversified Dials, Customized As You Like

Diversified Dials, Customized As You Like

We provide a large number of dials for you to choose. Also, you can choose the dial you like in Keep Health. You can also choose your favorite photos in your phone to set your unique watch face to create your own unique style. You can match your watch with different dials according to different occasions, different clothes, and different seasons.

HEALTH COMES FIRST – The watch can help you monitor your physical and mental health in real time. It supports 24/7 monitoring of body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and pressure, and scientific monitoring your sleep state throughout the night. There are reminders of drinking water, sedentary and heart rate warning. In addition, it provides menstrual period and related female health records and reminders for female users.
MULTIPLE PRACTICAL FUNCTIONS – The watch has set up 25 sports modes, you can track your various sports status in real time. Also, it is equipped with a variety of useful functions, such as weather, stopwatch, breath, calculator, music, timer, alarm clock and many other useful life tools. It can add quick cards, slide the screen left or right to switch between different functions. And it can remind you of incoming calls, text messages, e-mails, and notifications for multiple applications.
LONG BATTERY & SUPER WATERPROOF – Less charging time and longer standby time. The watch is charged for 2 hours and can be used for 7-10 days or 30 days of standby time. And it has super high waterproof performance. The fitness watch is IP67 waterproof, you can wear it while swimming (Note: For the longer service life, it is not recommended to use in hot baths or saunas).
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – The package includes: SOUYIE Smart Watch*1, TPU Silicone Strap*1, Magnetic Charger*1, User Manual*1. If your have any problem, please feel free to contact our customer service via your amazon account.


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