10 Pack-Cell Phone Protection Stickers for Smart Phone, Laptops, Computer, iPad and All Electronic Devices

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Benefits of cell phone sticker:

1. Safety for children and pregnant women – peel and stick to their cell phones, tablets, handheld gaming devices.
2. You feel more comfortable, more energetic, fewer headaches, less fatigue.
3. Generates a protective and beneficial field around your body, reduced eye strain, reduced headaches, reduced fatigue.
4. Brings instant relief to those who experience frequent headache, dizzy, under stress.
5. Compact, slim, securely affixed, and lightweight design.

Intended for:

1. Pregnant women, children, the old man, patients.
2. People who use mobile phones, computers, electronic devices often.
3. People who often use tablet PC, Kindle, computer, Air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven, printer, washing machine and office automation equipment.
4. People living or working in the vicinity of high-voltage, substation, radio, radar station, and electromagnetic transmission tower.

How to use:

1. Flaking and sticking to the back of the phone or any other electronic Devices.
2. Cell phone only one quantum shield sticker, laptop, computer require 2 stickers.
3. Microwave, refrigerator require 4 Radiation protection sticker, or more depending on the nature of the device.
Easy to Use & Widely Used: You can stick phone stickers easily to your cell phone (or its case)/ tablet/ laptop/ router/Air conditioner/Refrigerator/Microwave Oven or some other electronic devices. It transforms into other harmless forms without blocking signals!
Slender size: This shield sticker is small and compact, won’t make the phone heavier, Our uniquely slim sticker can be stuck anywhere. It’s a portable EMF protect device, you can take it anywhere!
Protect Loved Ones: It is suitable for pregnant women, the elderly, kids and People who often use cell phone and other electronic device, to reduce their exposure to such electric and magnetic fields.


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